Store located in the heart of city of Barcelona, is inspired in the movement of waves and the texture of the sand, due to the product of the shop: Swimwear. Covered with a sand color carpet simulates the waves and dunes in the walls to emphasize the main element, the swimsuit, exposed in the center of the shop as the only exhibitor. Perimeter stands allow you to sit and watch the exposed swimwear. Wooden mobile items, such as the mirror and mannequins, give versatility to the store if it wants to be exhibition or catwalk.


30 m2 Store in Barcelona




José Hevia

Divided in two areas, the store has a double mood. Our beige zone is for relaxed and cozy clothing, made with natural fibers and smooth colors. The blue zone instead is dedicated to more colorful and futuristic projects, synthetic fibers and new ways to understand fashion. Both represent our own dualism when getting dressed and how different ways to see the world may not only live together but get along.

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