It is a 60 m2 apartment, with a difficult floor plan due to the length of its corridor. We make a loft-type house for one person, where the corridor becomes something more than just a passage, but we give it utility and life and becomes part of each room.


60 m2 Apartment in Barcelona




Enric Badrinas

A cherry wood furniture brings together all the services, following the shape of the floor, starting with cabinets at the entrance. This furniture hides the bathroom (toilet and shower), in addition to incorporating the sink that overlooks the corridor, it continues to form a platform that houses the room and finally ends in the kitchen, where it joins the living room. Brighter room than the flat. This multipurpose furniture is covered by velvet curtains that function as doors and what they do is give the inhabitant a game to decide what he wants to see and what not. The combination of textures and color contrasts is the main feature of the project, a microcement floor, wood, red marble and the orange velvet of the curtains.

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