The new design of the premises, preserves the essence of the building, distributed as an old palace with high ceilings and several rooms upstairs and a stone vaulted space in the basement where it will become a space for cocktails and drinks.


Restaurant in Barcelona




Carla Step

In the part of the restaurant where the structure is already elegant by itself, it has been wanted to give a touch of life through the typical Mediterranean ceramic / terracotta color, on the walls mixed with indoor vegetation. Dark wood plays a prominent role in the form of furniture and sculptures hanging from the ceiling to achieve a play of shadows and gain warmth in the halls with high ceilings typical of this estate.
The intention was to preserve furniture from the old restaurant and set aside an illustration space under the signature of a Barcelona artist in the area where the two floors that house the restaurant and the cocktail bar meet. In the latter, the intention was to maintain the original stone walls of the estate and to allocate the room to a space of sofas and a bar / bottle rack that frames the corridor that leads to the church of Sarriá, one of the few that exist in the area.

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